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Transmission Service & Repair

A vehicle’s transmission system transmits energy to the wheels from its engine.  

One of the most neglected, yet important tasks when keeping a vehicle functional is its transmission. Transmission is just like a vehicle’s circulatory system. Failing to change the transmission fluid after every 30,000 to 100,000 miles may damage other parts of the vehicle too.  Your vehicle’s transmission health can be affected by several factors such as general wear and tear, environment, or other factors.  

How do you find out when your vehicle needs a transmission service? It’s simple.  Your vehicle’s transmission failing to engage is an indication that it is low on fluid.  You may also experience slipping gears when the transmission is low.  This happens when there is a lack of maintenance, wear, and tear or water intrusion on the internal parts of your transmission.  Look out for the engine light. It tells you if you have transmission issues such as slipping transmission or overheating. Finally, the buzzing sound will tell you that the transmission has already gotten very bad and you must get it repaired right away 

If you are looking for a transmission expert, reach out to us now. From simple transmission service to transmission overhauls, our ASE-certified technicians are available for you 24/7.